Are you ready to be a MOMMY?

Maybe you’ve been worrying about your biological clock, fertility, or whether you’re doing this whole thing “right.” Maybe you’ve tried and tried with little or no success to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I understand how stressful and isolating it can be to feel like your body is betraying you. The heartache you experience scrolling through yet another Instagram post announcing someone else’s pregnancy, someone else’s beautiful newborn … all the things you want are out there staring you in the face but just aren’t happening for you?

In Bloom: Home to the World’s Best Pregnancy Preparation System

Take the Stress, Guesswork, and Isolation OUT of Getting Pregnant.

Discover a Science-Based, Big-Hearted Approach to Preparing Your Full Self and Your Full Life—Mind, Body, Career / Ambition, Romantic Relationship, and Every Other Corner of Your Life—for the Awesome Opportunity That Is Pregnancy!

You CAN conceive easily, genuinely savor the entire process, and feel happy, healthy, and grounded as you finally become a mommy … AND create a chain reaction of health and well-being for generations to come … when you have the support and tools you need.

I'll show you how.

From the desk of Dr. Cleopatra


Dear Mommy-to-Be,

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here!

Chances are, since you’re reading this, you’re considering having a baby (or another one), and you fit into one (or more!) of the categories below:

  1. You’ve tried for months (or years) to conceive, and you haven’t been successful. You feel like your body is failing you, and you’re starting to lose hope … but you won’t give up; you want to know exactly what you can do now to change course—to finally get that positive pregnancy test you dream of, nonstop. 
  1. You’ve waited to try getting pregnant, and you’re finally ready to have a baby! So exciting! This is big! But now what? What do you need to know and do? Where do you begin? One thing you do know is that you want to do everything possible to ensure that once you start trying, the process will be as seamless as possible.
  1. You’ve gotten that positive pregnancy test, but still no baby. You experienced a miscarriage or another type of loss, and you need to know: is there anything you can do to prevent that from happening … and prevent yourself from going through it, again?
  1. You’ve already decided to use IVF or other assistive reproductive technology, and you want solid, real-world advice about how to best prepare your body to ensure you’re successful.

No matter which category you find yourself in, you may feel isolated, because getting pregnant—whether you’ve just decided to try or have been trying for a long time—is somewhat taboo.

You may feel like the situation is putting stress on your romantic relationship (or taking the intimacy and love out of lovemaking).

AND, there’s SO much information out there—some of it conflicting, some of it far-fetched, and some of it based on the experiences of just a handful of people. Maybe you wish you had a trusted source to give you science-based information that would help you start (or grow) your family. 

If any (or all) of this sounds familiar, then I have good news!

First of all, you are not alone, and this is not “your fault.”

In the U.S. alone, about 6.1 million women of reproductive age have trouble getting or staying pregnant. Women are waiting longer to start their families because they’re staying in school longer and building their careers first. They are trying to figure out how to fit having babies into their lifestyle, and they are coping with the mental and physical health issues that are so common in our stressful, perfectionistic, and fast-paced world.

We rarely talk about these struggles. We receive societal messages that we should do all of it—prepare for pregnancy, conceive, get through the first trimester—without talking to anyone else about it.

But science shows this just isn’t the case.

It’s actually during these critical points in the Mommy Lifecycle that we most crave and need guidance and support to make sure we have the best information available—not just anecdotes, but science-based information delivered in a safe space.

So, if you’re one of the millions of women who wishes she had somewhere to go to really dig into her process of becoming a Mommy with her eyes wide open and with the best information and support on her side, I want you to know that you’re in exactly the right place, right now.

Aside from you and your partner, I promise you that there is no one out there as committed to you getting to have your dream family as I am.

And that’s what I’m here to give you: the best information available in a safe and sacred space, a combination you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

“I am 33 and have had three miscarriages over the past 2 years. I sought Dr. Cleopatra’s help so that I could avoid having to resort to IVF. I had no idea that our work together would help me with so many other things beyond my fertility. I have lost 30 pounds, rid myself of the allergies and sinus problems I had been suffering from for so long, my digestive system is actually working well for what feels like the first time in my life. And, to top it off, I have reprioritized and focused my career so that it serves the life I want to live as Dr. Cleopatra has taught me (rather than living my life to serve my career). I have never felt better physically, more calm and grounded emotionally, or more supported in my career path. I didn’t even realize how bad I was feeling until I experienced how good I could feel.”
— Beverly S., NYC

“Dr. Cleopatra is living proof that women can have it all: a family, a satisfying career and a deep sense of joy in daily living. She not only leads by example, but she’s dedicated to showing all of us how we can do this in our own lives, too. If you are a professional woman trying to figure out how you will balance work and family once your baby arrives, make Dr. Cleopatra your first stop.”

— Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Founder, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

I’d like to tell you a little more about who I am, so you know how I’m equipped to support you during this part of your Mommy Lifecycle.

I’m Dr. Cleopatra, a scientist and university professor with a long list of credentials, including a PhD in Social and Health Psychology. I was also trained as a Khalsa Way Prenatal Kundalini Yoga instructor by Gurmukh and as a doula by Judy Chapman. I specialize in the intersection of reproductive health, human flourishing, and how health is transmitted from one generation to the next.

My research has been funded by several arms of the National Institutes of Health, and I’ve been cited nearly 1,000 times in just five years in the scientific literature, news, and popular literature.

Although I’m so proud of my credentials, I’m even more proud of my commitment to YOU, to guiding and supporting you as you become pregnant, carry your baby to full-term, give birth, take care of your baby, and continue to grow into the woman you have always dreamt of being.

It’s my mission to help women all over the world to have their dream pregnancies.

The bigger picture: pregnancy is an intergenerational domino. The way we enter into pregnancy physically, mentally, emotionally, in terms of our romantic relationship and our career creates a chain reaction of health and well-being for generations to come. 

The right type of pregnancy preparation actually changes the world.

We can literally change the genes that we pass down to our children through our pregnancy preparation (it’s all about the difference between being in survival mode and being on purpose, hopeful, and optimistic as we conceive and carry our babies)! Hint: Baby-making can actually be more fun, intimate and personally-expansive than you think. The health of future generations depends on this!

For anyone who wants to be a mom, motherhood is one of the most important roles and titles we will ever have as women.

I, of all people, get this. I lost my mother at birth—and somehow, in losing her, my life’s purpose was handed to me. At a very young age, I became fascinated with the inner and outer worlds of moms and women who would become moms. I observed them closely and then formally began studying them when I went to college, and throughout my doctoral and postdoctoral training, up until today.

One thing I noticed was that moms had tons of information to sort through to make the best possible decisions (for themselves, their babies, their families, their lives). The information was often conflicting and confusing, and all of the mothers I saw, even the ones who seemed to “have it all together,” were searching for answers, for simplicity, and for support.

From then on, I have spent my time figuring out how to make moms’ lives better. I have been on a mission to help make the world a more supportive, healthy, loving place for moms and their children.

I entered college ready to learn everything I could from textbooks and classes about  women’s health and women’s lives, and now, I am living my mission in the way I love my own family, practice self-love, and love and guide my clients and their families.

Through my work over the past 22 years, I’ve formally studied and supported tens of thousands of women as they become mothers, and it’s my absolute honor to walk beside each one of them on this journey.

And what I share works! My husband and I used the same system I’m sharing with you to conceive each of our three children on the first try (I had my babies just before my 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays!).

We are not special. The vast majority of my clients conceive during the time that we work together, and this is possible for you, too.

So get ready to bloom, Mama!

Percentage of Women Who Conceived_Dr. Cleopatra


The In Bloom Pregnancy Prep System

… an eight-week program designed to give you absolutely everything you need to prepare for pregnancy, psychologically and physically, to conceive, and to carry your baby to term—happily and in great health.

First, I’d like to tell you about the five steps of the In Bloom Pregnancy Prep System. These steps are based on what I’ve discovered throughout my research as the 5 most important factors influencing successful conceptions to full-term pregnancies. These are the core tenets of the program that can take you from wherever you are right now to the healthy baby you want to hold in your arms!

The 5-Step In Bloom Pregnancy Prep System:  

Step 1. Remove Internal Blockages to Having Your Baby 

Step 2. Learn the Get Pregnant in No Time Formula 

Step 3. Coordinate Psychology-Physiology Feedback Loops 

Step 4. Implement the Science of Making Yourself Baby-Ready Using the Fertility Triangle 

Step 5. Maximize Pregnancy Preparation Through Timing, Sequencing and the 4-Month Rule 

Now, here’s a snapshot of what you’ll uncover week-by-week:

Week 1: The Clarity Toolbox

Get crystal clear on your new starting point: A safe, guilt-free, shame-free place where you conquer your fear and create a fresh beginning for this new, incredible path forward to the family and life of your dreams.

Week 2: The Baby-Making Formula

Develop a deeper understanding of your body and use my step-by-step system for getting pregnant quickly and easily.

Week 3: Shame and Limiting Beliefs

Release shame, limiting beliefs, social comparison, and other internal obstacles that are holding you back from having a baby.

Week 4: Psychology of Hormones

Discover the truth about the role your hormones play in your overall health and your ability to conceive (this goes beyond your menstrual cycle and may surprise you), and learn what to do to stop your hormones from sabotaging your fertility.

“For me, having a family was a long, windy, and bumpy road. Then I found Dr. Cleopatra, and suddenly my path was clear. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy at my age and with my particular health circumstances, but suddenly I was no longer alone or isolated in my confusion, uncertainty, and shame. She loved and shepherded me through it all. She is the most fantastic, inspirational, brilliant sister guide you could ever have on your baby journey. Dr. Cleopatra, thank you for your very being and existence. You are changing the world one person at a time!”
— Andrea J., Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t think of another scientist in the world who is both SO BRILLIANT and SO LOVING, and it’s with this unique combination of brains and heart that Dr. Cleopatra is literally changing the way that women have babies and define motherhood on a daily basis. Because of her, professional women are now stepping into their fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood proactively, consciously, grounded with the best information, and soaring with joy and the magic of possibility.”
— Yael B., NYC

Week 5: Pregnant Life

Learn how to use your body, mind, and life to actively fuel your fertility.

Week 6: Threat versus Challenge

Master a proven process for distinguishing threat from challenge on your baby path, so you can allow your mind and body to receive your baby in a state of ease and peace.

Week 7: Chemical Messengers 

Identify any “healthy” mistakes you’re making, learn what chemical messengers are and how to use them to support your fertility, and crack the code to your unique fertility puzzle.

Week 8: Mapping Your Needs

Get clear on your needs, and create a plan for filling them, now and as you progress through the upcoming stages of the Mommy Lifecycle!

"I am a lifelong learner, but as a busy executive, I have learned to hire people to teach me exactly what I need to know in the shortest amount of time. I have worked with executive coaches, nutritionists and other health practitioners, life coaches, personal trainers, you name it. And I have gained important knowledge and skills from each one of those people. But I have never in my life met anyone who can do what this woman can do. It’s like she’s all of that, and so so so much more, wrapped into one. She leaves not one leaf unturned. From your digestion and nutrition and dental health, from your self-confidence to your identity, to how you deal with stress, to your romantic relationship, to your family relationships growing up, from environmental toxins to social toxins, to whether your career really fills you up and reflects who you are and who you really want to be—she covers it all. She is in every part of your life, exactly as you want her to be, not just because there is no one you trust more to never even have so much as a judgmental thought about your deepest secrets and sources of shame or your wildest dreams, but also because she helps you figure out how to make the different areas of your life work better together. In service of your fertility. In service of your health. In service of your happiness. In service of your wholeness and that of your family. I just can’t say enough. If you haven’t experienced this woman’s work first hand, it’s a must."

- Janie | Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

In short, you’ll receive the very best elements of pregnancy preparation, in a science-based, big-hearted way. You’ll walk away from the In Bloom program with exactly what you need to stop worrying about your biological clock, get off the fertility roller coaster, and finally have the family and life of your dreams!

Whew! It sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? You may also be wondering exactly how this all works.

First of all, I want to remind you that I am deeply committed to you. My commitment and dedication are the most important of all my credentials (see this for yourself through my client’s words). It’s my life’s work to support women in becoming mothers, and in navigating this beautiful, life-changing process with the very best support, guidance, and information … and in changing the world by changing the genes we hand down to our children, one family at a time.

Here’s how we’re going to do this, together:

When you enroll in the In Bloom self-study program, you receive:

  • The full 5-Step In Bloom Pregnancy Prep System
  • The Fertility Triangle
  • Eight (8) video lessons, made available weekly, plus a bonus Transition Week video lesson
  • Six (6) worksheets
  • 10 Wins Checklists, to track your progress as you move through the program and travel along your journey
  • Baby Magnet exercises and activities
  • Meditations
  • The Get Pregnant in No Time Manual (eBook + product guide)
  • For Every Body Nutrient Guide (eBook)
  • Core Supplements for Daddies
  • The Most Vital Mommy Labs
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Commonly Asked Questions: a set of recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra for each of the eight core modules
  • 15 bonus recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra
  • Lifetime Access to In Bloom content and content updates
  • Gratitudes
  • Conception Date and Pregnancy Preparation Timeline Calculation
  • Bonus: If both you and your partner elect partner involvement, you partner will receive a weekly, science-based Partner Note on how to best support you and participate in the week’s activities.

It’s Everything You Need to Get Ready for Mommyhood: Head to Toe, Inside and Out, and in Every Single Part of Your Life!

"Dr. Cleopatra is passionate, compassionate, and life-giving."

- Kathy D.

"Not only is Dr. Cleopatra brilliantly creative and innovative, but she is dedicated and relentless when it comes to her work and purpose in the world. Working with her, you can’t help but feel fiercely loved!"

- Aisha M.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the investment for this program.

Before we get into dollar amounts, I’d like to share some other numbers with you:


In Their Reproductive Health


In Their Overall Physical Health


In Their Emotional Well-Being


In Their Romanitc Relationships


In Their Relationships to Themselves


In Their Self Esteem


In Their Professional Careers/Aspirations

If the numbers don’t speak for themselves, consider this: How much is it worth to you to know you’re finally going to get the information you need (and only the information you need) to prepare your entire being to become a Mommy, at last?

How much is it worth to you to know that proper pregnancy preparation has the potential to change the world for generations to come?

It’s invaluable when you think about it in the context of your entire life, your child’s entire life, and the cumulative impact this process could have on society.

The regular price of the 5-STEP IN BLOOM PREGNANCY PREP SYSTEM is $1397.

With the U.S. Fertility market expected to increase by $1 billion dollars over the next five years, there are increasing numbers of parents-to-be investing in this very important aspect of their lives. And if you are one of the many families who have been utilizing Assisted Reproductive Technologies, consider In Bloom a companion guide to making your journey to motherhood that much more effective! Yes, this works for my clients who are already using ART!

And just for being here now, for taking time out of your day to go through The Radical Truth About Getting Pregnant from the World’s Most Loving Scientist masterclass and take a whole-hearted step towards creating the family of your dreams, I’m offering this program to you at the price of $997! That’s a $400 discount just for showing up!

I’m all about supporting you on your personal journey. To make this even easier we have a payment plan option:

The payment plan option still includes a discount, just for showing up to my masterclass. You can buy a lot of diapers with that discount. And trust me, you are going to be buying A LOT OF DIAPERS.

You make this investment with peace of mind, thanks to my In Bloom Guarantee: 

  • You will leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving the pregnancy and family of your dreams.
  • Every single week, you will be guided in taking decisive, deliberate, effective, evidence-based, loving action to make your baby dreams a reality.
  • You will not have to feel alone, isolated, ashamed, confused, or lost in the mountains of conflicting, confusing information and anecdotes out there in the fertility space ever again.
  • You will give yourself the best possible odds of conceiving in three months or less.

And, you can rest easy knowing that if you follow the program as prescribed and do not see any noticeable improvements in your overall health and well-being, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

No one on this earth can give you a rock-solid guarantee that you will have a baby. But I created this program to not only greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant and carrying to term, but also to start a health revolution that will impact generations to come! YOU are an integral part of that health revolution.

Ready to enroll in the In Bloom Self-Study program?

Here are my answers to some of the questions I hear most frequently:

Q: Can’t I figure out how to do pregnancy prep on my own, by researching online or asking my friends and family members?

A: As you’re probably aware, there is a vast amount of information available about conceiving, pregnancy, and childbirth online. The truth is, much of it is inaccurate, based on women’s feelings or their own stories. It’s conflicting and confusing, and fear-based—focused on all the things that could go wrong. So while you could, to some degree, cobble together the information you need, the other side of that coin is that when you enroll in In Bloom, you can rest assured that instead of sifting through worrying misinformation, you’re receiving science-based, solution-oriented, information … with love. You’ll save yourself countless hours of research and worry. If you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, in the most loving, nurturing environment possible, start here.

Q: I have a lot going on in my life. I’m not sure I have time to spend on a program like this. What’s the time investment like?

A: First of all, I get it! I’m a working mom, too. So I’ve designed this program to fit into your existing schedule as much as possible. One important element of becoming baby-ready, though, is to create some space in your life so you’re operating in a more relaxed state of being. That being said, you’ll receive a video lesson each week that you can watch when you do have time. Each lesson is about 60 minutes long. You can access the rest of the resources at your convenience. As far as implementing what you’re learning (including exercises and meditations), you can spend as much or as little time as you like. The key to this program is changing your entire being—not necessarily spending a ton of time reading or viewing the videos. Yes, it may take some time initially to learn what I’m sharing. Once you’ve made the appropriate shifts, you’ll feel more at ease and in the flow in general.

Q: I’ve already spent so much time and money trying to get pregnant; how will this be any different?

A: In Bloom takes a completely different approach to getting pregnant. We cover the psychology and the physiology (and how those two elements interact), not just one or the other. We focus on healing your mind and body so you’re truly prepared, on the deepest level, to create a baby! Many of my students become pregnant during our time together.

Q: I’ve had some health issues (PCOS, endometriosis, etc.), and I’m worried I won’t be able to become pregnant no matter what I try. Can you help?

A: Absolutely. I’ve studied and supported thousands of women during this sacred time, and I use a science-based, big-hearted approach to help you address every modifiable risk factor to reverse fertility challenges, weeding out what really works and what doesn’t. Because we focus on pregnancy preparation—which is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your odds of conceiving quickly and reduce your odds of miscarriage and other complications—you’ll be setting up yourself, your child, and their children for the best chance of success, no matter what you’ve experienced up to this point.

Q: All this baby-making business has caused serious intimacy issues with my partner. Can this program help us?

A: Yes, absolutely! An important part of what we do during In Bloom is to help you regain your grounding and feel peace and joy again! Through internal work and exercises, you and your partner will rediscover the spark, the intimacy, the joy, and the FUN of your sensuality and sexuality.

Here’s the bottom line, Mama:

Right now, you’re at a place in life where you feel ready to have a baby. Probably even MORE than ready. You can’t wait to see that “positive” pregnancy test result, to hear your baby’s heartbeat, to feel him or her move inside your womb, to finally hold him or her in your arms.

And I am committed to helping you do all of those things!

All you have to do is take the next step: enroll in my In Bloom self-study program, and begin a new and exciting journey from a safe, sacred space.

So, now are you ready?

Yes, Dr. Cleopatra! I’m ready to bloom!

I understand that when I enroll in your eight-week In Bloom self-study program with my $997 investment (which I can make in one full payment or three payments of $432), I receive:

  • Eight (8) video lessons, made available weekly, plus a bonus Transition Week video lesson
  • Six (6) worksheets
  • 10 Wins Checklists, to track your progress as you move through the program and travel along your journey
  • Baby Magnet exercises and activities
  • Meditations
  • The Get Pregnant in No Time Manual (eBook + product guide)
  • For Every Body Nutrient Guide (eBook)
  • Core Supplements for Daddies
  • The Most Vital Mommy Labs
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Commonly Asked Questions: a set of recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra for each of the eight core modules
  • 15 bonus recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra
  • Lifetime Access to In Bloom content and content updates
  • Gratitudes
  • Conception Date and Pregnancy Preparation Timeline Calculation
  • Bonus: If both my partner and I elect partner involvement, my partner will receive a weekly, science-based Partner Note on how to best support me in the week’s activities.

And I understand that I make my investment with peace of mind, thanks to your In Bloom Guarantee:

  • I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving the pregnancy and family of my dreams.
  • Every single week, I will be guided in taking decisive, deliberate, effective, evidence-based, loving action to make my baby dreams a reality.
  • I will not have to feel alone, isolated, ashamed, confused, or lost in the mountains of conflicting, confusing information and anecdotes out there in the fertility space ever again.
  • I will give myself the best possible odds of conceiving in three months or less.

If you feel willing and able to be proactive in creating the story of your life, especially as it relates to your fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood, then I am here, standing by, to guide and support you in fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother.

All you have to do is take action now. Let THIS be the moment you erase the past and truly step into the Conceiving Mommy stage of the Mommy Lifecycle! You CAN do it.

To your family with love,

Dr. Cleopatra

P.S. I’ve spent my entire life supporting mothers, and I’d love nothing more than to support you, too. I offer you a lifetime of scientific and experiential knowledge—knowledge I’ve already sorted through—in a compassionate, objective, honest, heart-centered way. It’s my absolute honor to walk with you on this incredible journey. Click here to enroll in the eight-week In Bloom self-study program:

"Dr. Cleopatra has the most, beautiful, soothing, competent, and compassionate energy, you know you can trust her from minute one, and—it’s true—she holds your story, your identity, your life, your secrets and your family’s secrets sacred. This woman is the real deal."

- Andie A.

"In this jaded, skeptical world, her positivity is a gift. No matter how far you are from her physical location, you can feel her warmth and positivity over the phone line, Skype, email, whatever it is."

- Alexis N.