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This Masterclass Will Show You


A simple step-by-step system to take the stress, pressure, and guesswork out of conceiving for busy professionals who want or need to get pregnant soon, but have no idea where to start (even if you’ve never been pregnant before and everything else you’ve tried has failed).


How to stop worrying about your biological clock, get off the fertility roller coaster, and finally have the family and life of your dreams.


How to reduce miscarriage risk.


Why relying on fertility apps, charting your temperature, wading through all the anecdotal information on the Internet, and reading other women’s stories online are NOT good strategies for busy professional women who want (and need) to get pregnant soon.


Why the information that you find in most doctor’s offices and books hasn’t helped you get pregnant yet, and why waiting 6 to 12 months to get help getting pregnant is a big mistake that too many busy professional women make.


How my Clients all began preparing their bodies, relationships, careers, and their entire lives for a healthy pregnancy, and the exact strategies that helped them get there in as little as 3 months (or less!).


And how to do all of this WHILE preserving your sanity, your romantic relationship, and your career & WITHOUT feeling afraid, confused, or alone.


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I am a scientist specializing in reproductive health, human flourishing, and the intergenerational transmission of health. I am also a head-over-heels in love Wifey and Mommy of 3.

After losing my Mother at birth, it became my life’s work to walk beside women through some of the hardest, most important and beautiful parts of their lives—their baby and motherhood journeys.

I have formally supported and studied thousands of women over the past 22 years. I also personally use the system that I have developed for my clients, and I gave birth to our children just before my 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays. We conceived all three children on the first try!

We aren't special; this is possible for you, too!

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